Sunday, March 21, 2010

You Have To Start Somewhere...

Everyday I feel like a Princess. Most days I feel like Princess Fiona. A Princess... with a few extra rolls.

This blog is to track my progress in the battle of the bulge. I've always had weight issues, whether they be physical or emotional.

I've started the Herbalife program. They are not paying me or giving me it for free. I've seen with my own eyes the success the program has had on some people. I'm hoping it will do that for me.

Because some people who I actually know will be reading this blog, I won't be posting the actual numbers. I will, however, be posting the inches and pounds lost (I hope). I'll be honest... because what's the point in lying?

So, today I took my baseline measurements. After I picked myself up out of the deep depression of the numbers, I realized that hopefully, the numbers won't be the same next week.

I'll explain later the specifics of the program I'm doing. Wish me luck, cross your fingers, wear your PJ's inside out-- I need all the luck I can get.

1 comment:

  1. GOOD LUCK!!

    I'm back on a low GI diet. I don't even want to think about goals... except getting into the clothes that fit me. I'm excited to see your progress and hopefully knowing someone else on the same road will help me stay on track.