Friday, April 2, 2010

Still A Long Way To Go

Well, I finally weighed myself on the scale I initially weighed in on... I've lost 9 lbs in 12 days! Only 21 more to go...

Monday, March 29, 2010

Week One

Feelin' good!!

So let's get down to business:

Inches lost:

Upper Chest (above the boobage, around the armpits): -.5
Chest (mid mammillary): -2.75
Waist (riiiiiight below the belly button): -1.5
Hips: -1
Right Thigh: -.25
Left Thigh: zilch
Right Arm: -.5
Left Arm: zilch

That's a total of 6.5 inches lost!

SO! Good progress! Some factors that might have played into my loss of boobage and waist:

1.) The first week I measured... I may have been carrying excess waterrrrr?
2.) I always lose boobage when I lose weight... hence the "tube socks with tennis balls" predicament. Not complaining though!
3.) I did measure at the same time frame, though!

I did not weigh myself this week, because I didn't have access to the scale I used the first time. I will be buying a scale soon so that I can have an constant variable each time.

I think my left side needs to step it up a notch, else I will look quite strange.

Here is a quick run down of the diet!

1.) I make two shakes a day with the protein powder that Herbalife sells. (2 shakes for 2 meals)The shakes have skim milk or fat free plain yogurt, and any kind of fruit I choose. They end up being about 280 calories, give or take a strawberry

2.) My one "meal" a day, I try to be healthy, but I don't restrict too much. If I have carbs, I try to eat whole grains.

3.) I have two high protein snacks a day, and as much fruit and veggies as I want. (Turkey jerky, nuts, greek yogurt, etc)

4.) I drink 4 liters of water every day. I know it sounds ridiculous. Up until last week, I was drinking 2-3, but I am working out a bit more, and just need more water. I feel better with it, and if I start to feel dizzy, I just have some salt. The doc in Iraq told me I need to add salt to my food, because with the amount of water I drink, my systolic blood pressure is usually below 100. But I'm being careful... but I just loooove wateeeeeer!

5.) I take Herbalife supplements with each meal. A cell booster, a multivitamin, a hunger control, and a vitamin that supports healthy skin and nails. Also, I drink an herbal iced tea that is supposed to be equal to 20 minutes of aerobic activity. I'm not so sure about that, but I certainly feel more energetic and HOT for about an hour after drinking it.

6.) Sometimes, if I'm feeling extra healthy, I'll replace one of my liters of water with Wheatgrass. I have bottles of dehydrated wheatgrass juice and add about 2 tablespoons to a liter of water. It's not horrible, and it really does refresh you. It's just hard to drink because of the texture.

I'm super excited about the progress both outward and inward. I FEEL super energetic, and truthfully, it's so much easier only having to worry about one meal a day. The shakes are so quick and fast to make and they actually taste good. My freezer currently has bags and bags of frozen bananas, blueberries, peaches, strawberries, and pineapple.

In full disclosure, I have been working out a lot since I've started the diet. Reasons: 1.) I joined a gym that offered 3 free personal training classes to new members, 2.) I'm going to Hawaii in 10 days, and 3.) I joined a soccer team and two softball teams for the spring. So, once a day I am doing SOME kind of aerobic activity, whether it be playing on a team, or running, biking, or swimming.

Anyway! Good week! Let's hope this week is just as good!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

You Have To Start Somewhere...

Everyday I feel like a Princess. Most days I feel like Princess Fiona. A Princess... with a few extra rolls.

This blog is to track my progress in the battle of the bulge. I've always had weight issues, whether they be physical or emotional.

I've started the Herbalife program. They are not paying me or giving me it for free. I've seen with my own eyes the success the program has had on some people. I'm hoping it will do that for me.

Because some people who I actually know will be reading this blog, I won't be posting the actual numbers. I will, however, be posting the inches and pounds lost (I hope). I'll be honest... because what's the point in lying?

So, today I took my baseline measurements. After I picked myself up out of the deep depression of the numbers, I realized that hopefully, the numbers won't be the same next week.

I'll explain later the specifics of the program I'm doing. Wish me luck, cross your fingers, wear your PJ's inside out-- I need all the luck I can get.